auction houses

auction houses.
the dynamics of the attention an artist receives influences its realised prices at auctions.

scientific research shows that if an artist’s art market attention is increasing its realised prices at auctions rise.

Jan Serwart, co-founder of NAMAC, researches in his Ph.D. the influence of art market attention on auction prices. He finds that the dynamics of the art market attention an artist receives influence the prices the artist achieves at auctions. Specifically, a spike in attention, as measured with the propriertary Art Market Attention Score developed by NAMAC, increases the expected realised hammer price in an auction. Tracking the art market attention of an artist is therefore of great interest for consignors and buyers alike.

is now a good time to sell a piece of artist X?

Since the dynamics of the art market attention for a specific artist influence significantly the relative price level of that artist, it is important to continuously track the attention the artist receives over time. Doing so, helps determining when to optimally sell a piece by a specific artist.