track the reputation and public perception of your favourite artists.

compare artists with respect to the art market attention they receive.

For a given group of artists, NAMAC tracks all people and institutions that interact with a given artist on Instagram. The interactions weigh more if the person or institution is more relevant to the art market. The importance alias the weight of a person or institution is based on a proprietary art network statistic, which Jan Serwart, co-founder of NAMAC, developed during his Ph.D. in Economics and Finance at the University of St.Gallen. The result is a line graph that let’s you compare the effective and weighted attention your artists received.

know who relevant to the art market grants attention to your artists.

Say you are interested in a specific artist and you want to know who else, relevant to the art market, is interested in that artist. NAMAC provides you with a complete list of people and institutions, sorted according to their relevance in the global art market, that interacted with that artist.

track the value of your collection.

Observe the value increase of your collection: Our continuous analyses allow you to have a clear overview of the performance of your collection over time. The assumption is that artists who are much-discussed and who receive a lot of attention can sell their works at higher prices. Our tool for the continuous verification of the digital attention that an artist receives allows you to check the estimated value of your artists in real time. We measure the increase in value per artist over time and show you by how many more percentage points an artist’s works could be sold on average than at time of buying.

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