The digital network approach by NAMAC to research trends in the art market is innovative and meets the informational needs of today’s art collectors.

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investors and family offices.

We create unique artist-specific attention indices that reveal how much attention an artist is receiving from important people and institutions in the global art market. Since attention from reputable individuals or institutions reduces the uncertainty about the artistic quality of an artist and thereby translates into higher prices of that artist, the attention indices of NAMAC are valuable tools for artist price and return forecasts. Each of our analyses are tailor-made for every client and application.

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Track how much attention selected artists receive from influential individuals and institutions in the art market. Know who exactly grants your preferred artists attention. Observe how the public perception of these artists changes over time.

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Pricing an artist’s ouevre is an art in itself. Price increases can be suboptimal, if the market is not ready yet. While time and demand based increases can be warranted, NAMAC supports you with pricing decisions based on continuously tracking the reputation and the market perception of an artist using proprietary reputation measuring methods.

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auction houses.

The dynamics of the attention an artist receives influences its realised prices at auctions. Tracking the art market attention of artists is therefore of great interest for consignors and buyers alike.

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