support your decisions with tailor-made insights on the perception of your artists and your gallery.

support your pricing decisions by tracking the reputation of your artists

Pricing an artist’s oeuvre is difficult. When are price increases warranted and is the market ready for higher prices? While elapsed time and demand play an important role, so does the reputation of an artist. With NAMAC you can continuously track on a monthly or semi-annual level, how much the reputation of a specific artist has increased, and thus support your pricing decisions for an artist. The detailed reputation report features our proprietary Art Market Attention Scores – and shows what people and institutions relevant to the art market showed interest to the artist in question.

control the effectiveness of your marketing efforts

NAMAC gives you a powerful tool to check the effectiveness of your public relations work. Have you organised a solo-show or group exhibition and want to know how much it increased the public awareness of your artists and your gallery in the art market? We find it out for you.

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